Peter Ackroyd – The Fall of Troy
Peter Ackroyd – The Lambs of London
Peter Ackroyd – Milton in America
Peter Ackroyd – The Plato Papers
Nina Allan – The Silver Wind
Nina Allan – Stardust
Margery Allingham – More Work for the Undertaker
Margery Allingham – Traitor’s Purse
Kate Atkinson – Life After Life
Paul Auster – The Brooklyn Follies
Paul Auster – Oracle Night
Kage Baker – Mendoza in Hollywood
Russell Banks – Cloudsplitter
John Banville – The Infinities
John Banville – The Sea
Adrian Barnes – Nod
Julian Barnes – Arthur and George
Max Barry – Jennifer Government
Greg Bear – The Collected Stories of Greg Bear
Mark Bould & Sherryl Vint – The Routledge Concise History of Science Fiction
Ioanna Bourazopoulou – What Lot’s Wife Saw
William Boyd – Bamboo
William Boyd – Fascination
Kevin Brockmeier – The Truth About Celia
Damien Broderick – Transcension
Damien Broderick – x, y, z, t
Keith Brooke & Nick Gevers (eds) – Infinity Plus Two
Andrew M. Butler (ed) – Christopher Priest: The Interaction
Mary Baine Campbell – Wonder and Science
Orson Scott Card – Seventh Son
Orson Scott Card – Red Prophet
Peter Carey – His Illegal Self
Peter Carey – Theft: A Love Story
Willa Cather – The Professor’s House
Michael Chabon – The Final Solution
Michael Chabon (ed) – McSweeney’s Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories
John Clute – Appleseed
D.G. Compton – The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe
Martha Cooley – The Archivist
Artemis Cooper – Patrick Leigh Fermor
John Crowley – Aegypt
John Crowley – Four Freedoms
John Crowley – Lord Byron’s Novel, The Evening Land
Tony Daniel – Metaplanetary
Mark Z. Danielewski – Only Revolutions
Mark Z. Danielewski – The Whalestoe Letters
J.C. David – Utopia and the Ideal Society
Lindsey Davis – The Accusers
Lindsey Davis – Scandal Takes a Holiday
Samuel R. Delany – Dhalgren
Don DeLillo – Falling Man
Lester Del Rey – ‘Helen O’Loy’
Paul DiFilippo – Fuzzy Dice
E.L. Doctorow – Big As Life
E.L. Doctorow – Creationists
E.L. Doctorow – The March
E.L. Doctorow – The Waterworks
David Drake – The Legions of Fire
Hal Duncan – Vellum
Terry Eagleton – How to Read a Poem
David Louis EdelmanInfoquake
Greg Egan – The Clockwork Rocket
Carol Emshwiller – ‘Sex and/or Mr Morrison’
Steve Erickson – Zeroville
Steve Erickson – Amnesiascope
Anne Fadiman – Ex Libris
Gregory Feeley – Kentauros
Patrick Leigh Fermor – Words of Mercury
Patrick Leigh Fermor – Abducting a General
Xan Fielding – Hide And Seek
Michael Flynn – In the Country of the Blind
Karen Joy Fowler – The Jane Austen Book Club
Karen Joy Fowler – ‘Standing Room Only’
John Fowles – The Journals, Volume 1
John Fowles – The Journals, Volume 2
Max Frisch – The Arsonists
Amitav Ghosh – interview
Tom Godwin – ‘The Cold Equations’
Kathleen Ann Goonan – This Shared Dream
Alasdair Gray – The Ends of our Tethers
Alasdair Gray – Old Men in Love
Simon R. Green – Drinking Midnight Wine
Stephen Greenblatt – The Swerve
Andrew Sean Greer – The Confessions of Max Tivoli
Jon Courtenay Grimwood – Stamping Butterflies
David Hajdu – Positively 4th Street
Edward Everett Hale –
The Brick Moon
Elizabeth Hand – Generation Loss
M. John Harrison – ‘A Young Man’s Journey’
M. John Harrison – Empty Space
Kenneth Harvey – The Town That Forgot How to Breathe
Howard V. Hendrix – The Labyrinth Key
Russell Hoban – The Bat Tattoo
Russell Hoban – Come Dance with Me
Russell Hoban – Her Name Was Lola
Russell Hoban – Linger Awhile
Russell Hoban – My Tango with Barbara Strozzi
Harold Holzer – Lincoln at Cooper Union
Marek S. Huberath –
Nest of Worlds
Kameron Hurley – God’s War
Siri Hustvedt – What I Loved
Siri Hustvedt –
The Blazing World
Simon Ings – interview
Simon Ings –
Alexander Jablokov –
Brain Thief
Graham Joyce – The Silent Land
Graham Joyce – Some Kind of Fairy Tale
Graham Joyce – The Year of the Butterfly
Michael W. Kauffman – American Brutus
Leigh Kennedy –
Wind Angels
Garry Kilworth – ‘Let’s Go To Golgotha’
Kathe Koja – Extremities
R.A. Lafferty – ‘Thus We Frustrate Charlemagne’
Kim Lakin-Smith – 
Cyber Circus
Pablo Larrain (dir) – No
John Le Carre – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Ursula K. Le Guin – ‘The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas’
Jonathan Lethem – Fortress of Solitude
Helen MacInnes –
The Double Image
Ken MacLeod –
Terrence Malick (dir) – New World
Thomas Mallon – Arts and Sciences
Thomas Mallon – Aurora 7
David Marusek – Mind Over Ship
John May – Poe and Fanny
Paul McAuley – Evening’s Empires
Cormac McCarthy – The Road
Ian McDonald – River of Gods
Ian McEwan – Atonement
Ian McEwan – Saturday
Will McIntosh –
Love Minus Eighty
Vonda N. McIntyre (ed) – Nebula Awards Showcase 2004
Steven Millhauser – ‘The Disappearance of Elaine Coleman’
David Mitchell – Black Swan Green
David Mitchell – Cloud Atlas
David Mitchell – Ghostwritten
David Mitchell – number9dream
David Mitchell –
The Bone Clocks
Scott L. Montgomery – The Moon and the Western Imagination
Christopher Moore –
The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove
C.L. Moore – ‘No Woman Born’
Richard Morgan – Broken Angels
James Morrow & Kathryn Morrow (eds) – The SFWA European Hall of Fame
Andrew Motion – The Invention of Dr Cake
Linda Nagata – The Red: First Light
Henry Neville – Isle of Pines
Joseph O’Connor – Redemption Falls
Jerry Oltion – Abandon in Place
Patrick Parrinder – Nation and Novel
Monty Python – The Pythons Autobiography by the Pythons
Marjorie Hope Nicolson – Voyages to the Moon
Patrick Nielsen Hayden – Starlight 2
Audrey Niffenegger – The Time Traveler’s Wife
Kenneth Oppel –
Matthew Pearl – The Dante Club
Julie Phillips –
James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Shelden
Terry Pratchett –
A Hatful of Sky
Christopher Priest – interview
Christopher Priest –
The Adjacent
Kit Reed – ‘Songs of War’
Kit Reed – Where
Mary Renault – The King Must Die
Arturo Perez-Reverte – The Club Dumas
Arturo Perez-Reverte – The Nautical Chart
M. Rickert – Map of Dreams
Adam Roberts –
Adam Roberts – interview
Adam Roberts –
Keith Roberts – ‘Weinachtsabend’
Kim Stanley Robinson – Forty Signs of Rain
Kim Stanley Robinson – interview
Justina Robson – Mappa Mundi
J.-H. Rosny aine – Three Science Fiction Novellas
Philip Roth –
The Plot Against America
Matt Ruff – Set This House in Order
C.S. Samulski – The Water Sign
Dominic Sandbrook – Never Had it So Good
Dominic Sandbrook – White Heat
Alan Sandison & Robert Dingley (eds) –
Histories of the Future
Dorothy L. Sayers – Gaudy Night
William Shakespeare – The Taming of the Shrew
William Shakespeare – Macbeth
William Shakespeare – Richard II
Brian Stableford – Heterocosms
Jonathan Strahan (ed) – Life on Mars
Allen Steele – Coyote
Allen Steele – Coyote Rising
Graham Swift – Making an Elephant
Graham Swift – Mothering Sunday
Lavie Tidhar –
James Tiptree Jr. – ‘And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill’s Side’
George Turner – Down There in Darkness
Barry Unsworth – Land of Marvels
Surendra Verma – Why Aren’t They Here?
Vernor Vinge – The Children of the Sky
Vernor Vinge – The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge
Vernor Vinge – interview
Wyn Wachhorst – The Dream of Spaceflight
Jo Walton – My Real Children
Ian Watson – The Great Escape
H.G. Wells – Boon
Thomas Wharton – Salamander
Edward Whittemore – The Jerusalem Quartet
Kate Wilhelm – ‘The Infinity Box’
Walter Jon Williams – This Is Not A Game
Edwin Williamson – Borges: A Life
Connie Willis – Blackout
Connie Willis – All Clear
Connie Willis – ‘At the Rialto’
Robert Charles Wilson – The Perseids
Dirk Wittenborn – Pharmakon
Naomi WoodThe Godless Boys
John C. Wright – The Golden Transcendence
Stephen Wright – The Amalgamation Polka
Carlos Ruiz Zafon – The Shadow of the Wind
Yevgeny Zamyatin – We
Carl Zimmer – Soul Made Flesh
Pamela Zoline – ‘The Heat-Death of the Universe’

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