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So, my next book will be about Christopher Priest and will be published by Gylphi, which is something that makes me inordinately pleased. I’ve started the reading and note taking that inevitably accompanies such a task. But I’ve also put together a chronology of his books and short stories, just as a way of keeping everything straight in my mind. And I realised as I was putting it together that there are gaps. I don’t just mean the pseudonymous stuff (I’ve only included the work he has acknowledged), but there are other gaps. I’m missing the Sally Gunnell book he was ghostwriter on, and I’m sure there are stories missing, also odd details such as where “The Discharge” first appeared. Therefore, if you can fill in any of the gaps, or add more details to this list, I would be very grateful.

The dates given are date of first publication, except for the stories that first appeared in Ersatz Wines. In those cases I have given the date of composition in [square brackets].

[1963]                   Going Native                                         Ersatz Wines, Nov 63

[1964]                   Stranglehold                                          Ersatz Wines, Mar 64

[1964]                   Star Child                                                Ersatz Wines, Nov 64

[1965]                   The Witch-Burners                               Ersatz Wines, Jan 65

[1965]                   Nicolson’s Repentances                       Ersatz Wines, Oct 65

[1965]                   Combined Operation                            Ersatz Wines, Nov 65

[1965]                   The Ostrich Seed                                   Ersatz Wines, Nov 65

1966                       The Run                                                 Impulse 3, May 66

1966                       Conjugation                                          New Worlds 169, Dec 66 [May 66]

[1967]                   Chance                                                     Ersatz Wines, Apr 67

1967                       Impasse                                                  SF Impulse 12, Feb 67 [Sep 65]

1967                       The Ersatz Wine                                   New Worlds 171, Mar 67 [Mar 66]

1969                       The Interrogator                                   New Writings in SF 15 [Jan 68]

1970                       Breeding Ground                                  Vision of Tomorrow 4, Jan 70

1970                       Nothing Like the Sun                           Vision of Tomorrow, Jul 70

1970                       Fire Storm                                               Quark 1

1970                       Double Consummation                         The Disappearing Future

1970                       The Perihelion Man                               New Writings in SF 16

1970                       Indoctrinaire

1971                       Sentence in Binary Code                        Fantastic Stories 20:6, Aug 71

1971                       Real-Time World                                      New Writings in SF 19

1972                       Charlie was a Bastard                             Oz Magazine 41, Mar/Apr 72

1972                       The Head and the Hand                          New Worlds Quarterly 3

1972                       Fugue for a Darkening Island

1974                       Transplant                                                 Worlds of If, Feb 74

1974                       A Woman Naked                                     Science Fiction Monthly 1:1, Feb 74

1974                       The Inverted World                                  New Writings in SF 22

1974                       The Invisible Men                                      Stopwatch

1974                       Inverted World

1974                       Real-Time World (coll)

1974                       Your Book of Film Making

1976                       An Infinite Summer                                   Andromeda 1

1976                       Men of Good Value                                     New Writings in SF 26

1976                       The Space Machine

1977                       A Dream of Wessex

1978                       The Watched                                                 F&SF 54, Apr 78

1978                       The Negation                                                Anticipations

1978                       Whores                                                          New Dimensions 8

1978                       Anticipations (ed)

1979                       Palely Loitering                                             F&SF 56, Jan 79

1979                       Static Gravity                                                  Omni 1:7, Apr 79

1979                       The Agent (+ David Redd)                             Aries 1

1979                       The Cremation                                                Andromeda 3

1979                       The Making of the Lesbian Horse (chap)

1979                       An Infinite Summer (coll)

1979                       Stars of Albion (ed, +  Robert Holdstock)

1980                       The Miraculous Cairn                                       New Terrors 2

1981                       The Affirmation

1984                       The Glamour

1985                       The Ament                                                         Seven Deadly Sins

1986                       Short Circuit (as Colin Wedgelock)

1986                       Mona Lisa (as John Luther Novak)

1987                       The Last Deadloss Visions (chap)

1990                       The Quiet Woman

1993                       Seize the Moment (with Helen Sharman)

1994                       The Book on the Edge of Forever

1995                       The Prestige

1996                       The Glamour (revised)

1998                       The Extremes

1999                       The Equatorial Moment                                      The Dream Archipelago

1999                       The Dream Archipelago (coll)

1999                       eXistenZ (as John Luther Novak)

2000                       The Discharge                                                         [online ?]

2002                       The Separation

2008                       Ersatz Wines (coll)

2008                       The Magic

2008                       “IT” Came from Outer Space

2009                       Real-Time World +2 (coll)

2009                       The Trace of Him                                                 The Dream Archipelago

2009                       The Sorting Out                                                    The New Uncanny

2009                       The Dream Archipelago (coll, revised)

2011                       The Islanders

2011                       Fugue for a Darkening Island (revised)

2013                       The Adjacent

2016                       The Gradual

2017                       Shooting an Episode                                            2084

I have not (yet) included the new novel or the new short story collection, mostly because I’m not exactly sure when they are due to appear. But if you spot any other gaps, I would be really appreciative if you would help me plug them.