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When I started this blog, I meant to write primarily about literature and more broadly about the arts. I emphatically did not intend to write about politics. But I woke this morning in a country that has a UKIP MP. Continue reading

Reprint: Tales of Alvin Maker


I just came across this review of Seventh Son and Red Prophet by Orson Scott Card when I was looking through old issues of Foundation the other day. It first appeared in Foundation 45, Spring 1989, and I had completely forgotten writing it. Re-reading the review, I feel that I was far more tolerant then than I would be now, and of course I made no mention of the Mormon undertone in the books because I probably missed it completely. Still, I don’t think on the whole that this is a bad review given how old it is, so I thought I’d reprint it here. Continue reading

Reprint: Mars


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Another Cognitive Mapping column. This one, which discusses one of science fiction’s great objects of desire, appeared in Vector 214, November-December 2000: Continue reading


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